Momentum Business Capital offers Equipment Financing for businesses looking to continue growth through the purchase of equipment. Equipment in industries such as construction, medicine, hospitality, and transportation can often be quite costly and as a result can put a heavy strain on a business. Our financing offerings give businesses flexible terms that make the purchase of virtually any equipment attainable. With Equipment Financing, businesses can fund up to 100% of the cost of purchasing equipment.

Loan terms typically match the expected life of the equipment, so businesses can take out another loan when new equipment is needed. Additionally, no collateral is needed as the equipment itself acts as security on the loan.

Businesses choose Momentum Business Capital for our flexible terms, low rates, fast approval, and quick funding delivery (as little as 24 hours).

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Momentum Business Capital purchases your Employee Retention Credit and unlike a loan or sales based financing product, we require no daily, weekly or monthly payments* against the money we provide to you today. We get paid when the ERC check arrives